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So you can always be there.

Interactive and secure, GizmoGadget by LG keeps you connected with a bright 1.3–inch touchscreen. This wearable allows you to call up to 10 contacts and receive calls from them. Send short messages to GizmoGadget and locate it on a map from your phone. It’s even waterproof*. Only from Verizon. Available in Red or Navy.

Up to 2 hrs of
usage time

1.49 in width x
1.93 in heigth

Up to 8 days of
stand-by time

One touch puts you in touch

Stay connected with voice calling and messaging. Make and receive calls from up to 10 contacts. A dedicated button and 1.3–inch touchscreen make it easy to use. Send brief text messages to GizmoGadget; a notification sound and animation is played when the message arrives.

Get peace of mind

From the GizmoHub™ app† on your smartphone, you can see the GizmoGadget’s location using GPS. Set boundaries and get notifications if the GizmoGadget crosses them.

Designed for comfort

GizmoGadget fits comfortably around the wrist and is waterproof*. Set different touch–screen themes and change out the bands for different color options (sold separately). It’s the perfect companion.

Set fitness goals and have fun

Use GizmoGadget to count steps and jump–rope jumps. Fun pre–recorded voice messages can even be sent from GizmoGadget.

Oversee GizmoGadget from your phone

Manage GizmoGadget’s settings using the GizmoHub app†. Program up to 10 contacts at any time and customize the preset messages that can be sent from the GizmoGadget. Change the volume, theme and fun sounds, set a goal for daily activity and more. The app is compatible with smartphones using Android™ 5.0 or higher and iOS 9.0 or higher.

Easy to use, fun, appealing, and safe

For children too young to carry a real phone (or wear a real smartwatch), but who need to stay in touch with caregivers throughout the day, it’s a terrific choice – PC Magazine’s Editors’ Choice.

Caregiver Access

Up to nine pre-authorized caregivers can access GizmoGadget® through the GizmoHub App

Primary Caregiver

Can designate authorized contacts to use the GizmoHub App to locate and message GizmoGadget


Send and receive messages from caregivers

Fun Sounds

Tap GizmoGadget’s display to hear unique sounds in each theme


GizmoGadget’s display points to and lists the direction the wearer is heading

Activity and Fitness

Record steps with pedometer** and jump-rope jumps

Control Panel

Swipe down for battery life and volume on/off controls

Auto Answer Function

When enabled, GizmoGadget automatically answers after 10 seconds to allow caregivers to audibly monitor environment***


Pedometer enabled through GizmoGadget GizmoHub App.

Two-Way Calling

Call and receive calls from ten authorized telephone numbers*

Quick Messages

Nine preset editable text messages

Preloaded Customization Options

Choose from seven different ringtones and watch faces, and five different display themes

Timer and Stopwatch

Record times and start countdowns with easy-to-use interfaces

Voice Changer

Record message (up to 20 seconds), then change message to one of four character voices

Read Out Function

Enable to have GizmoGadget read aloud the screen display, including call and text information

Quick Check-In

Swipe up to send a location check-in notification


Numbers must be registered through the GizmoHub App. GizmoGadget permits up to nine contacts in addition to the primary registered caregiver.


Numbers must be registered through the GizmoHub App. GizmoGadget permits up to nine contacts in addition to the primary registered caregiver.

  • Screen Size: 1.3 inches

  • Battery Capacity: 510 mAh

  • Processor: 480 MHz QSC6155

  • Carrier: Verizon

  • Other Features

    Kid-Friendly, Durable Design, Replaceable Wristband with Color Options, Customizable Watch Face and Display Theme, Dedicated Call Button

Tech Specs
  • Carrier: Verizon
  • Type: Kids
  • GizmoHub App Compatibility: Android and iOS devices
  • Network: CDMA
  • Frequencies: 1.9 GHz CDMA PCS, 800 MHz CDMA
  • Data Transmission: 1xRTT
  • Processor: 480 MHz QSC6155
  • Dimensions: 1.93″ (H) x 1.49″ (W) x 0.56″ (D)
  • Weight: 1.77 oz (without wristband)
  • Battery Capacity: 510 mAh
  • Standby Time: Up to 8 days**
  • Usage Time: Up to 2 hours**
  • Micro USB Charging: Yes
  • Location Support through Stand-Alone, AGPS, and WPS: Yes
  • * Compatible with phones Android 4.0 or higher and iOS 7 or higher
  • ** Actual battery time may vary depending on network connectivity and application use

* Tested to be IPX7 compliant. Do not operate under water; if all covers are tightly closed, device is protected against water ingress to a maximum of 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.
† Data usage applies for app download and use.
**Reprinted from www.pcmag.com with permission. © 2015 Ziff Davis, Inc. All rights reserved. GizmoGadget is a trademark of Verizon Wireless.