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With One Talk, every phone number can have the flexibility of wireless – placing mobility at the core of the service. Both fixed and mobile devices are united by a single phone number and every number in the business in the business can be a Verizon wireless number. No matter which One Talk device is used, One Talk creates seamless communication between customers, employees and business owners. Businesses will never miss a call again.

What it can do

With One Talk, every number in the business is a One Talk number. Every mobile device, every One Talk desk or conference phone, every customer support number. Each of these numbers is powered by the Verizon Wireless Network. By using just one phone number for a business, One Talk enhances communication among a business, its employees and its customers.

Sell it in 5

  1. Never miss an opportunity – Every employee only has one business number that rings on their mobile and One Talk desk phone. Customers always reach your business and are handled professionally. Automated Receptionist functions and Hunt Groups work across mobile and One Talk desk phones.
  2. Cost-effective – Before One Talk businesses would need to buy wireline service and mobile services separately – but with One Talk, you only need to buy one service to power all business phones – wireless and wireline. Businesses buy only the One Talk devices they need.
  3. Immediately mobilizes your small business – Get the benefits of a landline on your mobile One Talk is a mobile-first solution. Every employee can be productive, at the office or on go.
  4. Works with any wireless carrier – With One Talk, employees can use their own mobile devices and add the One Talk business number and their personal devices, regardless of their wireless carrier. If an employee leaves and goes to a competitor, your customers still have your One Talk business number and will reach you when they call that number, rather than your former employee.
  5. Built-in business continuity – If your business loses power, there is a problem at a facility, or a broadband outage, you are covered. One Talk will continue to accept customer calls on the Verizon Wireless network and route them to your smartphones and wireless devices with no disruption to the business or its customers.

Who it is for

Tailor-made for the overburdened, underserved small business customer:

  • The mobile-only business
  • The mobile and fixed small business
  • The start-up business

One Talk is best suited for small and medium businesses of 100 employees or less, with a particular sweet spot of companies of 20 employees or less; however, One Talk can be used for larger companies, depending on their organization and capabilities. Because of this, the profile of the customer is more important to evaluate than the size of the customer’s business.


One Talk offers a business customizable individual and group features available an all of its devices. This empowers the business to serve its customers better. Employees are more productive and more responsive to customers, while the business can reduce costs by unifying its mobile and fixed solutions, and buy desk phones only when they are truly needed.

How to get it

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