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…and keep your carryover data!

The new Verizon wireless plan from CellOnly adds at least 30% more data to all every size plan while lowering the cost per GB! And there’s more:

  • Keep your Carryover Data – Every plan automatically carries over your unused plan and overage data for an additional month.
  • No surprise overages with Safety Mode – Once you’ve used all your data, safety mode keeps you online at 128 kbps and protects you from any overage charges. Available on XL and larger for no additional charge and on S, M and L, available for $5/month for the entire account. Enable Safety Mode in the new My Verizon app.
  • Buy more data on demand with Data Boost – Buy an extra gig of full speed data the moment you need it for $15/GB. Then take your unused data to your next bill cycle with Carryover Data.
  • Take the driver’s seat when it comes to data in DataHub. Tap the new My Verizon app to add or keep your data and put an end to surprise overages.
  • Mexico and Canada International Long Distance and Travel Pass
  • Unlimited calling from the U.S. to Mexico & Canada. Take domestic talk, text, and data
    allowances to Mexico and Canada included on XL and larger for no additional charge.
  • On S, M, L, Mexico and Canada International Long Distance is $5 per month. Mexico
    and Canada TravelPass is $2 /day

At CellOnly, our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing you the absolute best service available along with the latest 4G LTE cell phones and accessories on the market.

Visit any one of our convenient locations in Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri or South Dakota and let us get you more data and more control of your digital life with the new Verizon Plan from CellOnly.