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What you need to know about the new Minnesota hands-free law.


If you have plan on driving in Minnesota, there’s a new law you should be aware of. The state’s new hands-free law, effective Aug. 1, restricts drivers from holding a phone while behind the wheel. This means drivers who want to use their phone will need a phone mount.

At CellOnly, we understand staying connected on the road is important. Smartphones can provide great features for drivers when they are used safely including GPS navigation, entertainment, and communication. We offer solutions to help keep your eyes on the road including phone mounts, Bluetooth headsets and earbuds, and Hum by Verizon.


What you can’t do

The new state law prohibits drivers from holding a cellphone to talk, navigate or use applications in Minnesota. This means drivers cannot make or receive video or voice calls, scroll, Snapchat, look at or take pictures, read text messages or browse the web.

Smartwatches use is also included in the new law, allowing for only one-touch or voice commands for any function other than looking at the time.


What you can do

Drivers are allowed to make calls, texts, listen to music and use navigation, as long as it is one-touch or voice activated and they are not holding the phone.

The new law makes exceptions for drivers facing an immediate threat and does allow drivers to make calls for emergency assistance.


What we recommend

We recommend always using a phone mount while behind the wheel to keep your eyes on the road. CellOnly offers a range of phone mount options including basic mounts, charging mounts, windshield mounts, vent mounts, and dash mounts. If your vehicle’s radio does not have a hands-free mode, we also offer Bluetooth headsets, earbuds, and speakers that can be used to safely talk on the phone.

Stop into CellOnly today to find the perfect solution for your vehicle. Our friendly professionals will be able to make a recommendation that fits your needs while helping you stay safe and connected on the road.

Further details about the Minnesota hands-free law can be found here.