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Let’s admit it. We all love discovering something before it goes mainstream. You probably have that one friend that says they discovered an artist before they made it big. Or maybe you’ve discovered an artist yourself. With Lüm, you can be a tastemaker and discover new artists everyday.

Built for the purpose of helping you discover new music and supporting up-and-coming artists, Lum is a social media, music discovery, and streaming application that allows fans to directly support their favorite emerging artists.

Five reasons you might like Lüm:

  • Discover the best music you’ve never heard
  • Direct-to-artist support through virtual gifting
  • Fully customizable music library
  • Music social media
  • 100% ad free music streaming

So what’re you waiting for? Download Lüm now and discover your new favorite up-and-coming artist before everybody else!

Learn more about Lüm and download HERE.